Wonderland – Chapter 1 – Free Download!

It’s taken a little longer than I hoped, but the first chapter of Wonderland, the first book in The Storyworlds series, is ready!  I’m offering two free downloads – .mobi and .epub.  The .mobi works well with Kindle and the ePub with other e-readers.  I’ve included instructions below on how to load the file onto Kindle devices, the Nook and iBooks.

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I’m aiming for an August release of the full book.

I admit I’m doing a little crowdsourcing here, so I’d love to get your feedback on the chapter.  No proofreading necessary, but I’d like to hear if you experience any formatting issues since I have not tested it on all devices and whether you’d like to see it on another format other than Kindle.   Of course, I’d also like to hear if the chapter makes you eager to read the rest of the book, but any feedback is welcome!

It was very interesting learning how to format the book for the various formats.  I’ll share my thoughts on that in a future post.

Happy reading and thanks for checking out Wonderland!


Instructions on adding to Kindle

1.  E-Mail
– Go to Amazon
– Select Your Account/Manage Your Kindle/Personal Document Settings
– Email the .mobi doc to the appropriate Send-to-Kindle email address

2.  Send-to-Kindle app
– Download Send-to-Kindle app
– Right click on downloaded doc and select Send to Kindle


– You can then download it to any of your Kindle devices or apps


Instructions for adding to Nook

1.  Plug in your USB cable to the Nook and then into the USB input on your computer
2.  You will see Windows recognize the device
3.  Right-click on Start and select Open Windows Explorer
4.  Find the My Documents folder on the Nook
5.  Drag and drop the ePub doc into the My Documents folder


Instructions for adding to iBooks (iOS)

1.  Open iTunes on your computer
2.  Select your books library
3.  Drag and drop the ePub doc into the library (or use File–>Add to Library function)
4.  Synch your iOS device

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