The Storyworlds series will feature the children’s adventures in a variety of works of public domain classic literature, such as Moby Dick, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and The Jungle Book.

I was motivated to write Wonderland after my two grade school children and I read through all of The Magic Tree House series (twice). I searched for a subsequent series that offered similar clever and engaging storylines and educational content, but found none that grabbed the kids’ attention.

My purpose in creating The Storyworlds is two-fold. The first, as mentioned above, is an attempt to fill a gap in the market for a series similar to The Magic Tree House, but targeted at children who have outgrown the standard chapter book, but are not quite ready for 150+ page novels. The second is to introduce young readers to the great works of literature at a level they can understand and appreciate. My hope is that by reading my books, the child is inspired to read the classic works and/or have some familiarity with them when they read them in school. Each book will contain a page or two at the end about the classic book and its author.

With Wonderland complete, I am working on the second book in the series, 221B Baker St., in which Isabelle and DJ meet Sherlock Holmes.

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