The journey begins…

My first blog post.  Exciting!

The story thus far.  About seven years ago, I started writing a middle grade children’s book.  I thought I had finished it five years ago and sent it around to a bunch of agents.  I received some positive feedback, but no one wanted to represent it, so I put it in a virtual drawer.  A couple of years ago, I took it out again and saw, to some extent, what was lacking.  So began a cycle of rewriting, researching, getting feedback (some professional, some amateur), rewriting, getting a tip here and there, rewriting, etc. culminating in one more attempt to attract an agent…but no go, again.  Back in the drawer.

As a voracious reader, I noticed last year that there was an explosion of self-published ebooks on Amazon.  Intrigued, I’ve been doing my homework since then and found lots of advice, war stories and articles on ebook self-publishing.

I think the time is right to try to self-publish my book as an ebook, at least as a start.  It’s probably going to take a few months, so I thought it would be fun to document my journey in a blog, which you can find on the Storyworlds website (for those of you seeing this on Facebook).

So, having just finished another polish, I’ve engaged a fantastic artist, Colleen Madden, to illustrate the first novel in my Storyworlds series, Wonderland.  We’re currently working on the title treatment for the whole series.  Check out a few of the concepts we are tinkering with.

Over the next few weeks/months I’ll be posting more art, the first chapter and everything I learn and experience as I set up my Amazon and/or Smashwords account and more.

Stay tuned for more and feedback is always welcome!

SW Title Treatments

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